Step of Faith Campaign

We are building a home for our church family.
Won't you join with us?

Recent Step of Faith Update

Pastor Josh walks the property that we have purchased to build our church home.  Watch this video and see the excitement building as we continue to move forward with these steps of faith.
Now is a great time to give to the Step of Faith campaign.  All of your year end gift is tax deductible.  You are welcome to give online, by mail, or during our worship service on Sundays at the YMCA.  If you have any questions regarding your year end gift, please feel free to reach out to Lizzy Richardson (, our financial administrator.  She would be happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have.

Future home of Eternal Church

1645 O Henry Lane | Fort Mill, SC 29715

Step of Faith Timeline

Step of Faith | Stories of Faith

If the church is a people,
why are we looking for a building?
"You care about My Word...
but do you care about my people?"
Sometimes when it comes to big jobs,
it's all hands on deck.
Deb Cowles
Jim Ingerslew
Neville Marcus