Some sixth graders still sleep with stuffed animals and some want to sleep with their cell phone! Most sixth graders are alternately one and then the other on any given day (or hour). They may appear sloppy and unkept one moment and preppy and overdressed the next. That’s what makes every day a new day to discover who this growing person is growing to be!
Speaking of growing! Your sixth grader is capable of growing over three inches and gaining ten pounds of healthy weight in just 52 weeks!
Doors will slam, drama will happen, hormones will soar! But amid all the ups and downs in the ever-changing tides of emotions, now is the time to lean in even more closely. When they push, prove you can’t be pushed away. When they change, prove you will love them consistently. When they break your trust, prove you are someone who is trustworthy!

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Awkwardness, embarrassment…yet surprisingly smart!
Figuring out the new rules for your own social behavior as a parent can be intimidating! When is it okay to “like” their post? When are you supposed to “be cool” and when are you “trying too hard?” When are you supposed to “show up” in their lives? Always.
As they try to pull away from you, they will run to others! 7th & 8th graders move in large numbers. Call it a “squad,” a “crew,” or just a group of friends, 7th & 8th graders will never be caught alone. But don’t expect their friends to stay the same, it’s common for middle schoolers in this phase to be in and out of social circles from one week to the next. 
Don’t miss it! Middle schoolers in this phase are smarter than you might think – just ask them! In fact, being smarter than everyone around them can become quite a burden. So when their patience runs out and they tell you that “you just don’t understand…,” it’s okay to roll with it. The important thing will be that they know you are consistent, faithful, and dependable. Because nothing else in this phase will be! 

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