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Apocalypse - Are We Ready?

January  6, 2019 -  Present

The word isn't "Revelation" at all. It's "Apocalypse."
That's right.
This is a book about The Apocalypse.
Of course that word had a different meaning for them than the way in which we use it today.
But this book is unique. And scary. And highly misunderstood. And it has caused divisions in Christ's church for over 2,000 years.
And that is sad because what we do know is that it was intended to provide unity and hope and knowledge.
"Truthful perspective," one might say.

There are a lot of books in the Bible that have been written to His church through individuals inspired and indwelled by the Holy Spirit.
This is the only book, however that says that it is being written directly from Jesus to His church, and John simply provides the pen to paper.
Of course this book is no less or more inerrant as God's Word, but certainly unique in the way it is delivered.

This is also the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing to those who read, listen to, and apply what has been seen and heard by John.
Of course the entire Bible will bless all who hear, but this book is unique in how bold and unabashed it puts forth this promise.

We will spend 12 weeks on this great book, and later you may even be able to tell me why I have chosen to preach "12 series of 7 days" on this topic.
We will not be able to cover this book verse by verse, chapter by chapter because that would take us over a year to accomplish.

Please pray for me because I am not sure I am ready for this!
But how about you?
Are we ready for this revelation, The Apocalypse?  

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